Don't you mean "something in the water"? The usual expression for something appearing so often and so inexplicably?

Oh, I forgot. I am also "unsafe," "insane," "shallow," "rude," "troll-like," etc. etc. Mr. Batedo says he feels "no animosity toward me". I hate to think what he might say if he DID!!

And speaking, as he does, of typing disabilities, I have Essential Tremor, which is a familiar (inherited) tremor of the hands, voice, and head. But I don't whine about it. Mine is well-controlled with medication, but I have to be very careful of my typing. Go back and correct things a lot. Mr. Batedo should try that.

To my dear friends on Medium who have appreciated my correcting minor errors: Do YOU think I am "petty," "heartless and soul-less" and all the other ugly things this ...uh... individual calls me. He has obviously, in the meantime, had an experienced editor correct his post which was RIFE with errors, and I only corrected one teeny-tiny one. Show of hands, please?!

Helen Fontsere’

I am an 85 year old widow, for 20 years, wife and mother, writer/editor for Emory University School of Medicine, Dean’s Office and Anesthesiology Dept. Retired.

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